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About HigherGround Media Design

Located in Dickinson near the city of Houston, Texas. Richard Hayden Wakeland our founder has been providing quality Web Site Design and Hosting Solutions to Bay Area Houston, and Greater Texas since 2001. Early in 2005, Richard created a knowledgeable team of designers and started HigherGround Media Design. With his inexpensive but quality solutions we are sure that you will find us to be compatible with your budget no matter what the type of project you are creating.

HigherGround Media Design offers professional Web Site Design and Development services for your business or organization at a reasonable price. Give your small or medium sized business or organization the "better business image" normally associated with much larger companies through professional design and development.

HigherGround Media Design also offers quality Hosting and Promotion Services to enhance your site. Why go through another party for your Web Hosting and Search Engine Submission and Optimisation services when we can do it all right here? All for a price that we will bet is more than competitive with your average hosting and web service solution provider.

Branding Design

Your brand is the sum of how and what you convey to your targeted audience (clients, customers, patients, members). The better you communicate your understanding of that audience's interests, needs and desires, the stronger your brand. Since your audience sees your business or organization in many mediums - in print and on the web – it is essential to create a brand experience that imparts a consistent message across all of those mediums. Each use of your branding, whether in print, on the web, or in other media, reinforces your message and makes a lasting impression on your audience. Consistency in design is essential to enhancing the strength, and resulting effectiveness, of your brand in connecting with your audience. HigherGround Media Design specializes in brand development – from the creation of the brand image with logo design to corresponding print and website development and design. Let us be your brand specialists!

Website Design & Hosting Package Prices


1. Small Business Responsive Website $2,705.17 w/ 8.25% tax

  • Dynamically fits all devices: Computer, Mobile Phones, Tablets
  • Project Time: Design 2 week, Website Construction 8 Weeks.


2. Branding Package - Logo, Printed Material, Multipage Small Business Responsive Website $3,947.88 w/ 8.25% tax

  • Project Time: Design 2 week, Website Construction 6 Weeks.


3. Branding e-Commerce Package - Logo, Printed Material, Responsive e-Commerce Website $5,952.67 w/8.25% tax

  •  Project Time: Design 3 week, Website Construction 8 Weeks.


4. SEO MulitDomain Website: $2,705.17 w/ 8.25% tax

  • Project Time: Design 2 week, Website Construction 8 Weeks.
  • Unique Landing Pages for each Keyword Domain Name (Domain Registration - Additional Cost per domain)
  • MultiDomain Linked Pages: Contact, About Us, Service, etc.
  • Integrated Reports into Website Backend
  • Piwik Analytic Reports, and Hit Counter Log Module
  • Access to Live Search Engine Analytic Data